Weight Loss Cleanse Nutritionist Supervised

Our patient testimonial about progress of their weight loss cleanse

Crohns,Inflammatory Bowel Disease, IBS, Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Daniel, A former Crohns Sufferer describes the agony of living with the debilitating pain of Crohns inflammatory bowel disease and the joy of being helped by Holistic practitioners with dietary changes, cleanses and dietary supplementation at the Winner Wellness Clinic in Gainesville Georgia

Liver Disease, Autoimmune Liver Disease Non-Alcoholic Cirrhosis of the Liver

Trisha, diagnosed with Liver Disease 4 years ago was told that she would need a Liver Transplant. Four years later Trisha does not need a Liver Transplant, and has normal Liver function due to positive dietary changes and professional help of Chiropractic and Nutritionist Supervised cleanses and whole food vitamin supplements. and became

Acid Reflux, GERD and Nutritional Solutions

In this video you are going to learn acid reflux and GERD can caused by food allergies and improved with dietary changes

Murphy’s Web Test for Gall Bladder Test by Georgia Nutritionist

Murphy’s Web Test is a technique that utilizes palpation and firm pressure on the right hand “web”. Tenderness there may indicate gall bladder stress. Intended as a nutritionally supportive and preventive measure, not a treatment for gall bladder issues. Often an indicator of digestive challenges due to gall bladder stress and is accompanied by palpating the gall bladder area under the right rib, which will also likely be tender as well.

Adrenal Fatigue, Hypoadrenia, Adrenal Tests, in North Georgia

Seth Harward, a 13 year old lost his energy, drive and concentration struggling in school. His mother Carla took him to medical doctors but to no avail, in desperation, friends suggested she take him to the Winner Wellness Center in Gainesville Georgia where he was tested and found to have severe hypoadrenia or underactive adrenal glands. Seth’s Energy and Drive came back a few weeks after Nutritionist Jeanne Winner formulated a Nutrition program which corrected the malfunctioning Adrenal Glands.

Jeanne Winner talks about Weight Loss, Hormone Imbalances, Fatigue and Digestive Disorders

Georgia Nutritionist Jeanne Winner on Weight Loss, Hormones, Fatigue, Allergies and Digestive Disorders

Ragland’s test video

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Cooking Lentils for Low Carb Meals and the Standard Process 21 Day Weight Loss Cleanse

Lentils are a great food to include in a weight loss food plan and in a cleanse program because lentils unlike beans are mostly fiber and low in starch and low net carb. This cooking lesson shows how to prepare lentils so that they taste great and are the right firmness for individual taste.  Lentils tend to cook faster than beans and do not require soaking. Cooking lentils longer than 20 minutes will cause lentils to become too soft and mushy, losing their taste appeal. Learning to like lentils by proper preparation will bring you great benefits to your weight loss and cleanse program.  There are different types of lentils. Red lentils cook the fastest. Recommend green or brown lentils as they are easiest to prepare. Lentils are very economical and easy to find at most local grocers.

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