About Jeanne Winner CCN ND, Age 63,  Certified Clinical Nutritionist and Holistic Practitioner in private practice for 20 years  in the Gainesville, Hall County Georgia community.  1993 Graduate  Dekalb College Certified Chiropractic Physician’s Assistant specializing in chiropractic patient nutritional counseling . 1998 Clinical Nutrition Certification,  2006  Advanced Clinical Nutritionist Training, Master in Response Testing Graduate, Ulan Nutritional Systems, Inc. 2006 Doctor of Naturopathy degree Clayton College of Natural Health. 1999 Established and opened Gainesville’s first Wellness Clinic, the Winner Wellness Center on Historic  Green Street. 1999  bought and renovated an historic victorian mansion on historic green street, the  present location of Winner Wellness Center and Winner Wellness Nutrition Center.

Jeanne is a rare find, a highly skilled holistic practitioner and nutritionist,  seasoned by 20 years of experience in  private practice helping patients with  nutrition and dietary changes, weight loss, hormonal imbalances, allergies, auto immune illnesses and educating them on ways to maintain wellness at home and at work.

Jeanne’s passion for natural health developed as the result of a search for answers to  her own health problems.   In 1993 she met and married her husband, Dr. Jack Winner, D.C. a chiropractor and kinesiologist who introduced her to the world of holistic medicine and encouraged her to develop her passion for nutrition into a profession.  In 1993 Jeanne became a certified nutrition counselor and chiropractic physician’s assistant and began working with Dr. Winner’s chiropractic patient’s weight loss and nutritional needs. Today, she is considered among her colleagues to be a top expert in the field of nutrition and detoxification. In addition to maintaining a private practice,  she develops and teaches nutritional programs for patients and other holistic professionals.  Jeanne is highly skilled in helping people  with weight loss, diet and nutrition,  cleansing and detoxification, hormone testing, bio identical hormones, allergy elimination, homeopathic remedies, digestive challenges, endocrine challenges and auto  immune illnesses.  She is highly trained to understand and work with the body’s own natural functions and design vitamin, cleanse, diet, weight loss and wellness programs that get lasting results for patients and clients.